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Matt Goss

Angie McCartney

Harry Van Gorkum

Ruth McCartney

Emma Pyne


There’s no dispute that The Beatles are the best pop group of all time, but there’s much debate over which of the Fab Four is the most fab.

John, Paul, George and Ringo all have their advocates, and a panel of experts make the case for their favourites in this final episode of the first series of the top pop culture podcast.

Paul McCartney’s stepmother and stepsister, Angie McCartney and Ruth McCartney, both guest on the show – and their votes don’t go to who you might expect.

Also joining the debate is someone who knows all about boy bands: Bros star Matt Goss, who is a big Beatles fan himself.

Host Sandro Monetti is also joined by Who’s The Best regulars, actor Harry Van Gorkum and comedian Emma Pyne, to share stories and opinions on the battle of the Beatles.

But in the end it all comes down to the public vote, so tune in to find out who wins the poll and discover why they’ve been crowned the best member of music’s greatest group.

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Here Comes The Fun

by Sandro Monetti, host, Who’s The Best Podcast

With a little help from my friends, ‘Who’s The Best… Beatle?’ became one of the most fun episodes to record of this podcast series.

Those friends include Angie McCartney and Ruth McCartney, Paul’s stepmother and stepsister, two of the nicest people I’ve met ‘In My Life’.

If you enjoy their stories on the pod, be sure to pick up Angie’s new book, ‘Your Mother Should Know’, in which she tells many fun tales of life with The Beatles.

She married Paul’s father Jim in 1964 at the height of Beatlemania, and moved in with him in Liverpool along with her daughter, Ruth. They spent 12 happy years together until Jim’s death in 1976.

Now, she has relocated to Los Angeles where she lives with Ruth and her husband Martin, where they run a number of thriving businesses from the family home.

Now aged 90, she sells Mrs McCartney’s Teas – with names like Penny Lane Peppermint and Abbey Road Apple – inspired by memories of the cuppas she used to brew for The Beatles whenever they came to visit.

Her other firm is Mrs McCartney’s Wines, which also have Fab Four inspired names such as Blackbird Blackberry. The Beatles song Blackbird was written about Angie’s mother, Edith. Proving that charity begins at home, she donates 10 percent of the profits from those businesses to the Linda McCartney Breast Cancer Research Centre.

Another dear friend and Beatles expert who guests on this episode, is Bros frontman Matt Goss, who now lives in Las Vegas where he has been a solo headliner for the past ten years.

His live show at the Mirage is one of the best I’ve ever seen, full of great singing, stagecraft, and good humour.

Matt truly appreciates the history of music, and choosing the best Beatle must have been as tricky a task for him as it was for any of the fans who cast votes in this Who’s The Best poll.

No group has made as big a contribution to popular music as John, Paul, George and Ringo, and their timeless tracks will live on beyond all of us.

If you get the chance, why not do what I did in preparation for this episode, and take a pilgrimage to Liverpool? You could visit The Beatles Story museum, followed by a Magical Mystery Tour to their childhood homes and iconic locations such as Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields – amazing nostalgia, memories and magic.

Meanwhile, I hope the first series of Who’s The Best, which concludes with this special episode, has also brought back warm memories for you.

Thanks for all the great feedback on the episodes and suggestions for future topics – series two starts in a few weeks!

Thank you for listening. You’re the best.

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